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We know what a difficult process shopping for a school can be. After visiting several schools it may seem that all administrators sound alike! We have assembled a list of questions that cut through educational jargon and reveal a school's true culture. We firmly believe parents are the best arbiters of their children's education.
  • Does the school have a syllabus for each grade level specifying the textbooks used? Are the textbooks available for your review?

  • Does the school have an in-house training program for its teachers, or does it rely on the State?

  • What is the school's registration fee/deposit refund policy should you decide not to enroll? Do you forfeit your deposit?

  • What is the school's tuition refund policy should you decide to leave during the school year? Do you pay a penalty for doing so?

  • What is the school's total tuition and fees? Is a donation of time or money expected, and will you be required to participate in fund-raising activities?

  • How long is the school year? How many days do the students actually attend classes?

  • Is the school independent or is it subsidized? If it is subsidized, are you comfortable with the source of the subsidy?

  • Is the school willing to guarantee results?

  • Is the mission statement for the school clear, succinct and intelligible? Can the principal and teachers quote it? Is it in harmony with your vision?

  • Are parents allowed to visit the school at any time?

  • Is your visit welcomed by the administrators and teachers? Are you allowed to visit as many classes and as long as you wish?

  • Are the students well-behaved? Would you want your children to act like them?

  • Does the school have a dress code for its students and staff? Look around. Is it enforced? Would you want your children to dress like them?

  • Is the school clean? Did you check the rest rooms?

  • Is the school in good repair? Did you look at the playground?

  • Is the school safe? Could an unauthorized person access the building or playground?

  • What happens during outside recess? Are the teachers actively supervising the children, or do they congregate and talk while the children play?

  • Are the teachers on their feet, actively teaching, or do they sit behind a desk?

  • Is the principal in the classrooms everyday, or does he/she direct the school from behind a desk?

  • Do the students' assignments and tests require thought and written answers, or are they simply pages from commercially prepared workbooks?

  • If the school quotes you a student-teacher ratio, does it reflect only qualified classroom teachers, or did the school include aides and ancillary personnel?

  • What is the composition of the classes? Are the children grouped closely by ability, or do the teachers have to divide their attention among a wide range of abilities?

  • Does the school administrator standardized, independently monitored achievement tests to all students every year? Are the scores published and available for review?

  • Do the children appear happy? Talk with them. Do you  think they enjoy school?

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