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Sixth Grade Syllabus:

LITERATURE The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Twain
The Old Man and the Sea,
The Yearling, Rawlings
The Fellowship of the Ring, Tolkien
Kon-Tiki, Heyerdahl
Up From Slavery, Washington
Treasure Island, Stevenson
The Call of the Wild, London
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights, Pyle
Alicia: My Story, Appleman-Jurman

PENMANSHIP Review and strengthen good handwriting skills and habits.

ENGLISH Warriner’s English Grammar & Composition, Second Course, Harcourt Brace
Thorough instruction and review of grammar, usage, mechanics, study aids, speaking and listening, with special emphasis on the several separate skills of composition.
Vocabulary for the High School Student, Amsco (Units 5-7)
Enrichment of our reading and spelling programs with the vocabulary lessons grouped logically according to Greek word elements, derivatives, and understanding word relationships and analogies.

LOGIC Critical Thinking, Book 1, Critical Thinking Books
Logic, probable vs. possible, changing the definition, implications and inferences, common errors in reasoning, propaganda techniques, advertising schemes, emotional slanting, double standards, attributes of a good argument, learning to be open-minded.

HISTORY Achievements Through the Ages, Glencoe
An exploration of world history from prehistoric times to the Age of Exploration. Examination of the strategies various peoples have adopted to solve their recurring problems, and the results obtained form each. Intellectual and cultural features are emphasized.

MATHEMATICS Algebra 1/2, Saxon
Continued review of concrete arithmetic skills, plus introduction and practice of initial concepts of abstract calculation: equations, use of parentheses, polynomials, exponents and roots, inequalities, and probabilities.

SCIENCE Prentice Hall Life Science, Prentice Hall
Plants, invertebrate animals, vertebrate animals, ecosystems, matter, photosynthesis, cells, the human body, reproduction, heredity, living things and the future.

MUSIC Advanced chorus

ART Baker Academy's Mastery of Arts

Various ball handling skills, games, and exercises.
President's Challenge Physical Fitness Program

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