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Second Grade Syllabus:

READING The Place Called Morning, Open Court
Little House on the Prairie,
The Cabin Faced West, Fritz
The Wright Brothers, Reynolds
The Whipping Boy, Fleischman
The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Lofting
Charlotte's Web, White
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dahl
Pinocchio, Collodi
King of the Wind, Henry

PENMANSHIP Baker Academy Method Manuscript
Palmer Method Handwriting (3),

SPELLING Selected vocabulary from assigned reading.

ENGLISH Language for Daily Use (3), Harcourt Brace

LOGIC Building Thinking Skills, Book 2, Critical Thinking Books
Continuing exercises in basic thinking skills, including figural and verbal exercises in similarities and differences, sequences, classifications and analogies.

GEOGRAPHY Cities All About, Open Court
Introductory geographical excursion around the world, enriched with representative stories and poems from countries visited to stimulate discussion and further thought.

ARITHMETIC Math 54, Saxon
Review of previous arithmetic skills, adding and subtracting with two and three digit numbers, multiplying and dividing, traditional and metric measurement, currency problems, reading temperature, Fahrenheit and Celsius, rounding, estimating distance, line and bar graphs, time, perimeter and area problems, geometric concepts, word problems and parentheses.

SCIENCE HBJ Science (4), Harcourt Brace
Introduction to the human body, cells to systems, care of the body, basic physical concepts: light, sound, magnetism and electricity. The solar system, rocks and fossils. Animal behavior and adaptions.

MUSIC Choral singing

ART Baker Academy's Mastery of Arts

Various ball handling skills, games, and exercises.
President's Challenge Physical Fitness Program

REFERENCE World Book Encyclopedia
Merriam Webster's Intermediate Dictionary

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