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Fifth Grade Syllabus:

READING Awake to Worlds Unfolding, Open Court
Johnny Tremain,
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Avi
Rifles for Watie, Keith
The Cherokee Trail, L’Amour
Hostage to War, Wassiljewa
The White Mountains, Christopher
The Trumpeter of Krakow, Kelly
The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Spear
The Hobbit, Tolkien
Anne of Green Gables, Montgomery

PENMANSHIP Review and strengthen good handwriting skills and habits.

ENGLISH Warriner’s English Grammar & Composition, First Course, Harcourt Brace
Thorough instruction and review of grammar, usage, mechanics, study aids, speaking and listening, with special emphasis on the several separate skills of composition.
Vocabulary for the High School Student, Amsco (Units 3-4)
Enrichment of our reading and spelling programs with the vocabulary lessons grouped logically according to Latin prefixes and roots.

LOGIC Building Thinking Skills, Book 3 - Figural, Critical (Chapters 3-4)
Building Thinking Skills, Book 3 – Verbal, Critical (Chapters 3-4)
Intermediate practice in thinking skills, including figural and verbal exercises in similarities and sequences.

GEOGRAPHY World Geography Today, Holt, Rinehart and Winston
Probing survey of world geography with introductory emphasis on principles of physical and cultural geography. The major nations and political regions are then discussed with particular focus on the physical environment, the human imprint including political and economical patterns, and how people live in different regions. This review provides context for developing more detailed knowledge of specific countries and current geographical issues.

ARITHMETIC Math 87, Saxon
Review and enrichment of the basic and more advanced concrete arithmetic skills up to the threshold of abstract mathematics. Foundational concepts of geometry, measurement, algebraic terms, scale and graph reading.

SCIENCE Prentice Hall Earth Science, Prentice Hall
The universe and celestial systems, composition and structure of the Earth, surface and subsurface changes of the Earth, history of the Earth.

MUSIC Choral singing

ART Baker Academy's Mastery of Arts

Various ball handling skills, games, and exercises.
President's Challenge Physical Fitness Program

REFERENCE World Book Encyclopedia
Merriam Webster's Intermediate Dictionary
Merriam Webster’s School Thesaurus

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