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Eighth Grade Syllabus:

LITERATURE Mythology, Hamilton
The Count of Monte Cristo,
The Long Walk, Rawicz
Anthem, Rand
The Deerslayer, Cooper
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Verne
Captains Courageous, Kipling
Gone With the Wind, Mitchell
To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee
Rebecca, du Maurier
Dracula, Stoker

ENGLISH Warriner’s English Grammar & Composition, Fourth Course, Harcourt Brace
Thorough instruction and review of grammar, usage, mechanics, study aids, speaking and listening, with special emphasis on the several separate skills of composition.
Vocabulary for the College Bound Student, Amsco (Chapters 5-10)
Enrichment of our reading and spelling programs with the vocabulary lessons grouped logically by Latin prefixes and roots, derivations from classical mythology, and enrichments from French, Italian, and Spanish languages, as well as preparation for standardized tests.

HISTORY History of a Free Nation, Glencoe (Chapters 14-36)
The story of our nation from “The War for Southern Independence”: 1826-1877 through “The Growth of America”: 1878 – 1928, and “The Welfare State”: 1929-2003. Explores the continuing drama of the American “Great Experiment in Freedom” as Americans turned to more centralized, statist answers rather than individualist solutions to the challenges of freedom.

ECONOMICS Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?, Maybury
Introduction to how the world works in an economic sense. Covers TANSTAAFL, the first economic law, the nature of money, inflation, recession, velocity, wage-price controls with glimpses into the history of money. Shows why the government has grown large and burdensome during the current century.

LAW Whatever Happened to Justice?, Maybury
Introduction to common law vs. political law. Covers why civilizations flourish whe natural law is respected and decay when political law reigns.

Radicals, conic sections, complex roots, geometric proofs, logarithms and antilogarithms, exponential equations, algebra of polynomials, vectors, algebraic word problems, inequalities and systems of inequalities, basic trigometric functions.

SCIENCE Biology: The Study of Life, Prentice Hall
A disciplined, high school level study of the science of living things beginning with the nature of science and of life. The course explores basic and organic chemistry and the cell. It then takes up how different animal and plant systems work toward life maintenance. Reproduction and development, genetics, and evolution are explored before final units on thorough plant and animal classification, and ecology.

MUSIC Advanced chorus

ART Baker Academy's Mastery of Arts

Various ball handling skills, games, and exercises.
President's Challenge Physical Fitness Program

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