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Baker Academy's Dress Standard:

All students at Baker Academy wear the uniform supplied by Parker School Uniforms and Sears. The uniform is worn throughout the academic school year and is optional for summer school.

All uniform items, with the exception of socks, tights and shoes, should be purchased through Parker. If socks or tights are purchased from an alternate source, they should be a very close match to those offered by Parker. Shoes may be purchased from any supplier.

General Dress Information
The only item that may be worn under the blouse or shirt is a plain white undershirt or a white turtleneck shirt. Turtleneck shirts may only be worn under long-sleeved shirts or blouses.

Jackets, caps or sweatbands may be worn outdoors only.

Any shorts may be worn under the skirt or jumper, but if the skirt or jumper is to be removed for P.E., the uniform gym shorts must be worn. Skirts must be knee length or longer.

In general, jewelry should be worn in modest amounts. No earrings or neck jewelry worn outside clothing is permitted for boys. No more than one  pair of small (not dangling) earrings is allowed for girls. Anklets and tattoos are not permitted.

Hair must be neatly combed or brushed, trimmed and attractive in appearance. Bizarre, extreme, faddish, or dyed hair styles are not allowed. Bangs should be above the eyebrows.

Hair must be trimmed above the collar and ears. Pony tails, rat tails, facial hair, and shaved heads are not allowed.

Free Dress Days: (Check the school calendar for specific dates)

October:   Halloween
November:   Portrait Day
December:   Last school day before Winter Break
March:   Last school day before Spring Break
May:   Last day of school
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