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By the end of their kindergarten year, our students will have mastered a conventional first grade curriculum. Thereafter, the pace is maintained, enabling Baker children to perform two or three grade levels ahead of public school norms.

The Baker curriculum is built upon reality and reason -- something along the lines of Renaissance era learning -- large doses of knowledge integrated with logical manipulation of that knowledge. The core subjects of our curriculum -- reading, writing, arithmetic, science, logic and history -- comprise our bedrock of knowledge -- subjects upon which all future learning is based. Let us explain.

Reading is taught phonetically, because phonics is conceptual in nature. From the first grade on, the children read legitimate books in their unabridged versions. All of our literature selections are chosen, not only for their stylistic and vocabulary-building value, but also for their depiction of traditional American values of hard work, thrift, individual responsibility, and respect for property rights.

Spelling is taught phonetically, supplemented with words chosen from the children's reading.

English features massive doses of writing because writing forces the children to conceptualize with precision.

History includes U.S. and world history as well as geography. Beginning with the eighth grade, a study of economics is also included.

Logic is taught with a textbook series that begins with simple classification techniques in first grade and extends to critical thinking and formal logic.

Math is accelerated. Baker students are expected to complete Algebra II before the ninth grade.

Science is also accelerated. The students are taking a high school level biology course in the eighth grade.

Computer Literacy includes typing and word processing in grade 7.

Handwriting instruction is according to the Palmer Method«.

Music includes the singing of wholesome, uplifting songs. Advanced chorus is taught in middle school.

Art is focused on learning the skills of drawing and painting.

Physical Education includes the President's Challenge Physical Fitness Program.

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