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Baker Comportment Code:

  • I will be respectful of school personnel, fellow students, and parents, and I will keep all rules set by the class, teacher, and administration. I will not threaten the health and safety of others. I will not ridicule, ostracize, or demean others. I will not fight, push, shove, kick, trip, hit, throw objects at, or bring objects that might harm other students or the staff. I understand that any such action may be cause for immediate suspension and/or termination of my enrollment.

  • I understand that all students have a right to a quiet and orderly atmosphere in which to work. I will respect this right. I understand that toys or other distracting objects do not belong at school.

  • I will respect the property rights of all. This means that I will not deface, vandalize, or in any way damage the property of fellow students, the staff, or the school. I will not take anything belonging to another or to the school. I will keep the classrooms, rest rooms, and playgrounds clean and orderly.

  • I will be in attendance each day unless sick or specifically excused by the administration. I will complete all homework and class assignments missed due to absence. I understand that I will not be allowed to make up missed exams.

  • I will be seated in the classroom with the needed materials and prepared to work promptly at 8:30. I will leave class only with permission.

  • I will make good use of class time for all academic work. I will complete all homework and class assignments in a timely manner.

  • I will arrive at and depart from school as authorized by my parents. Except with my parents, and for regular departures, I understand that in order to leave the campus I must provide school officials with a parent's written consent.

  • I will be honest with others and with myself. I will do my own work. I will not copy from other students nor allow others to copy from me. I will not plagiarize or cheat in any way. I understand that cheating may be cause for suspension from school.

  • I will observe table manners during lunch and will dispose of litter properly. I understand that chewing gum is not allowed at any time on campus, and that eating and snacking are limited to supervised Extended Class hours, lunch, and parties.

  • I will not at any time use, posses, sell, or encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. I understand that any such action may be cause for immediate suspension or termination of my enrollment.

  • I will come to school clean in appearance, with clean clothing and shoes. I will come with clean, combed hair and be clean in other areas of personal hygiene. I will dress sensibly in clothes that are neat and free of tears or holes. I will abide by the Baker Academy Dress Standard and wear the specified Baker Academy uniform.
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